It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s that time of the year again when you sit back and press the Rewind button to go through all the memories you made throughout the year. It’s also the time to reflect on what you learned from your decisions and celebrate the achievements you made. I want to write this post to summarise the timeline of how the 12 months went for me this year.

January: The year started with the news that we’re in the process of getting acquired by another company. #anxietyhits

February: I had my US visa interview. If you’re to a make list of anxiety-inducing things, US visa interview will definitely make it to the list. But, thanks to my manager. He helped me prepare for this and it went well. I got the visa! #somethingtocheerabout

March: My first visit to the US, met my friends from @supportdriven for the first time,  my first Elevate conference, my first conference as Speaker. #yay

PS: The acquisition was also confirmed by this time.

April: Started hunting for new jobs to move on, after finishing knowledge transfer to the new team.  #preparingforgoodbyes

May: Left job and moved to Bangalore. #newcity #newadventure. The only thing that worked for me in Bangalore was just the weather though.

June: In all this, time for another conference. This time #sdexpo Portland. Another #first added to my kitty. This was my first Support Driven conference. I met so many amazing people!😎 #moreconferences #volunteering

SD Expo.jpg

July: While I was still trying to adjust to Bangalore, I thought of distracting myself with some local trips. I booked a trip to Coorg from Thrillophilia. This was my first “proper” trek experience. Also, this was the month when I wrote my first blog for @supportdcontent. #proud #trekking

PS: I damaged my phone because it rained heavily throughout the trek! 🙈

After reaching the Tadiandamol peak!

August: This was one month where I was on a plane for all four weekends. I hit the jackpot when I came across return ticket to Sri Lanka for just INR 11000. (This is approximately the ticket price to travel from North to South within India.) And, I booked the ticket straight away.  #solotravelling

Sri Lanka.jpg
Loved all these temples that I went to! They’re so peaceful!

September: I got the best news of my life! I successfully completed the Trial period with @automattic and got hired as Happiness Engineer. It was time to say #goodbye to Bangalore now and come back up North where all of my “few” friends that I have, were. #happynews #friendsforever.

October: Came back to Gurgaon, settled in my new flat and didn’t even realize where the whole month went. #newbeginnings.

November: Attended my #first WordCamp and WooCommerce Workshop for Women in Kochi. Also, met my team from Automattic. #lifeisgood


December: It’s almost the end of 2018…but I’m glad to end it on a happy note.

In retrospect: Almost the whole first half of the year was full of anxiety and uncertainty but I believe keeping myself busy with different things helped me to come out successfully through this period. When I look back, I notice a lot of #firsts that I did in this year which make me proud and more confident going forward.

It’s indeed a wonderful life! 💃

By sandeepkaur

Happiness Engineer @Automattic, previously @HackerRank and @Kayako. When I'm not day dreaming or binging, I'm working on writing something about customer service or reading a (Auto)Biography. When at work, I keep thinking of streamlining processes and connecting dots between things to simplify them.

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