The Collection so far!

I’ve always wanted to have a website listing all my work. This has been a dream since the days when I hadn’t even written any blogs or attended conferences. Then came a point when I thought that I’ve got enough stuff hosted at different places and its about time that I put it all together. But I still didn’t cross the finishing line to get started. And, finally one day I signed up for a domain name and a WordPress account to get started…..because when you start paying for a subscription you start making time to put things together.

After giving it a lot of thought I decided that it’s best to link all my existing work as it is and use this to be the place for writing new stuff going forward. So, here we go with the list of blogs that I’ve written so far and the webinars that I’ve given.




By sandeepkaur

Happiness Engineer @Automattic, previously @HackerRank and @Kayako. When I'm not day dreaming or binging, I'm working on writing something about customer service or reading a (Auto)Biography. When at work, I keep thinking of streamlining processes and connecting dots between things to simplify them.

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